Webinar: Digital Reliability of Rotating Equipment


Dear Ladies and Gentlemen!

Imagine, you totally eliminated failures of all rotating equipment at the facility. 

No more risks of sudden breakdowns! Welcome, to our live webinar, where we will introduce one of the most advanced, and at the same time, the most affordable real-time health monitoring system that detects almost all defects and malfunctions in rotating equipment at the earliest possible stage of degradation. Now it’s time to make sure your hydrocarbon processing is safer and more reliable than ever. Join us to explore the details!


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Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,
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Good afternoon reliability professionals!

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Our Mission is to research, develop and promote across the world the Technology of Safe Resource-saving Operation and Maintenance of Machinery of hazardous industries (SROMM-Technology) by creating real-time monitoring system for the automatic diagnostics of machinery at industrial sites to prevent all malfunctions, failures or breakages and to reduce the risk of accidents, fires and downtimes during any machinery lifespan
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