Webinar: The COMPACS System — No More Sudden Failures


Are you still looking for a new digital maintenance strategy? It doesn’t matter if you are building a greenfield facility or operate a brown one. If you install The COMPACS System, allowing you to receive early 24/7 machinery diagnosis, you will achieve sustainable operation while reducing maintenance costs by 6-8 fold of common rate. Comprising physics-based AI, easy-to-use software, and cost-effective hardware platform, the system provides real-time feedback on arising destructive forces in equipment in operation and prevent its breakdowns as well as redundant equipment maintenance. The system allows hydrocarbon processing facilities to run safely in the most cost effective way.


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2021-05-05 14:10:53

Webinar: Advanced Health Monitoring - Watching Destructive Forces Instead Of Failures

Welcome to a new era of reliability!
It doesn't make sense anymore to split your equipment into dozens categories in terms of the risk of its failure. If early real-time ma


2021-08-05 08:56:06

International web conference: "Digital Reliability of Processing Plants"

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,
Welcome to the international web conference "Digital Reliability of Processing Plants" that will be held on September 8, 2021. There are three s


Our Mission is to research, develop and promote across the world the Technology of Safe Resource-saving Operation and Maintenance of Machinery of hazardous industries (SROMM-Technology) by creating real-time monitoring system for the automatic diagnostics of machinery at industrial sites to prevent all malfunctions, failures or breakages and to reduce the risk of accidents, fires and downtimes during any machinery lifespan
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