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The Real-Time Visibility of Machinery Health

Get timely and accurate detection of emerging defects in rotating and fixed equipment to avoid the risks of downtime, repair, or even an accident

The Real-Time Diagnostic COMPACS System™

The Real-Time Diagnostic COMPACS System is the only health monitoring system in the world whose AI utilizes a wide range of non-destructive methods and provides real­-time diagnostics of rotating and static equipment. The COMPACS system monitors every kind of rotating equipment at the facility including reciprocating, centrifugal, and screw compressors, pumps, fin fans, gears, motors, turbines. In addition, it monitors cracks and fistulas in static equipment such as pipes, vessels, tanks, drums, reactors, etc.

Achieve world class safety and operation efficiency

It detects almost all possible defects in rotating equipment using AI based on a few non-destructive technics including comprehensive vibration analysis

It fulfills automatic diagnostics and predicts defects with an accuracy of 97-98%

It warns personnel at early stage of degradation of machines, allowing enough time to resolve most of issues

It monitors all machines which influence on safety or on operational efficiency

Know How

The system has patented embedded artificial intelligence that diagnoses almost all possible machinery malfunctions by measuring and analyzing periodic and noise components of the analog vibration signal. The system’s diagnostic station is located in a control room, and the fieldbus is deployed within a facility

System’s fieldbus

Sensors are installed on a surface of machine’s body without any damage. Up to eight sensors measuring different parameters are connected to a peripheral interface module that is placed close to machines. Up to eight modules are interconnected, and all of them send analog signals to a diagnostic station using only one communication line

The Diagnostic Station

The diagnostic station is located in a control room of a process unit. The diagnostic station analyses measured signals using embedded artificial intelligence and displays current state (health) of every piece of equipment to operators who are there 24/7. Color diagrams, text prescriptions, and computer voice messages push the personnel to fulfill corrective actions which increase the uptime of marked machines

Transparent Safety and Accountability

All systems are integrated in an enterprise diagnostic network COMPACS-Net. The COMPACS-Net includes a general machinery base and allows to exchange of diagnostic data between the systems and end-users, such as supervisors and management. The COMPACS-NET utilizes Industrial Internet of Things which makes networking processes between the involved staff more visible, reliable and sustainable

We provide a turnkey tailor- made solution that transforms sudden malfunctions into gradual ones through early detection of emerging defects with an accuracy of 97-­98%

See how it works

Turnkey Solutions

We install the system on a turnkey basis. Our engineers research machinery of the facility, design, install, and commission the system. We train your staff on how to operate the system. After all, we provide warranty, post-warranty and other concurrent services

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"The implementation of the systems has allowed us to carry out vibration monitoring of the main vibrating machinery of the pump unit. As a result, the amount of repairs were reduced considerably."

Oleg Lvov

Deputy Director General of LUKOIL-Volgogradneftepererabotka, LLC

Our Mission is to research, develop and promote across the world the Technology of Safe Resource-saving Operation and Maintenance of Machinery of hazardous industries (SROMM-Technology) by creating real-time monitoring system for the automatic diagnostics of machinery at industrial sites to prevent all malfunctions, failures or breakages and to reduce the risk of accidents, fires and downtimes during any machinery lifespan
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