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Safe and Reliable Petroleum Refining

We Dramatically Reduce Unplanned Expenses and Losses

The Technology of Safe and Resource-saving Operation and Maintenance of Machinery

SROMM-tech ensures safe and reliable petroleum refining by utilizing timely unbiased information about machinery health, personnel involvement in reliability, overall effectiveness of facility's asset and operation management. Patented physics-based AI generates real-time prescriptions and predictive analytics that gives an opportunity to extend equipment's lifespan, and to prevent even repairs

No accidents, fires and breakdowns due to sudden machinery failures

Longest possible uptime without increasing the risk of machinery breakdown

Shortest possible turnaround because of accurate and timely information what kind of problem has to be solved

Reasonable maintenance cost through unbiased information on maintenance needs and its quality

How It Works

The technology provides 3 information loops for all teams and promotes accountability for machinery health

Loop 1

Operators receive real-time information on machinery health and can change operation modes to increase run-time

Loop 2

Maintenance team become accountable once it receives timely information on actions that must be performed

Loop 3

Management obtains all information on operation and maintenance actions and can delegate responsibility for reliability to operators

Return On Investment

The SROMM-tech implementation leads to a huge positive impact on the overall facility performance. According to our customers, the economic benefits of the COMPACS system and the SROMM-tech exceeds amount of 10 US dollar per 1 US dollar of investments. The usual payback period of investments is less than 6 months, but sometimes it is even less than just a month

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"The system is simple in performance, efficient and cost-effective. As we operate and repair this particular machinery according to its condition we are confident that the system provides results and most crucially decreases accident rate."

Igor Pavlov

Director General of Angarsk Petrochemical Company, JSC

Our Mission is to research, develop and promote across the world the Technology of Safe Resource-saving Operation and Maintenance of Machinery of hazardous industries (SROMM-Technology) by creating real-time monitoring system for the automatic diagnostics of machinery at industrial sites to prevent all malfunctions, failures or breakages and to reduce the risk of accidents, fires and downtimes during any machinery lifespan
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